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December 05, 2022

Should You Worry About Smart Home Hacking In Madison?

In many ways, smart components like security cameras and video doorbells have enhanced our security. We have the ability to get notifications if a visitor arrives at our front porch, and we can even have video clips delivered to us when dubious movements are happening. Having components we can communicate with via the internet warns us of developing hazards instantly. But there is one primary downside. The quick access we enjoy is also creating a pathway for virtual intrusions.

Even though you shouldn’t get yourself in a panic worrying about smart home hacking in Madison, you need to be cognizant of the potential safety issue and take action to steer clear of it.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Smart Home Hacking

It would seem that nearly everything is connected to the internet these days - home security components, TVs, and even your kitchen appliances like ranges and coffee makers. The issue is that this creates more opportunities for cyber criminals to break into your network. With that being said, you don’t have to avoid wireless home defense systems or other smart devices. Rather, consider these tips and do your part to keep intruders off your network.

  • Create hard-to-guess passwords: This is a necessity for all accounts, including your home’s wireless network. Use uppercase and lowercase and an assortment of numbers, letters, and special characters. Don’t use dates of birth, street names, or other options hackers might easily guess. A password creator will provide something absolutely random and a password management tool will help you track your various accounts and passwords.

  • Avoid default settings: When you first unbox a new router, it’s likely to come with a preset password to facilitate the setup. Don’t forget to update it. Hackers may know these default passwords too. Establishing your private network and new router correctly in the beginning will go a long way to keeping you protected.

  • Create separate networks: Why include your smart range, your security devices, and your work laptop on a single network? The majority of routers permit you to initiate a separate guest network. Be sure to use it and safeguard important data found on your laptop, desktop, and phone.

  • Install a firewall: Firewalls aren’t just for business settings. They might also be incorporated into your home network. Firewalls can keep an eye on the traffic on your network and thwart suspect activity. You could opt for a router with an incorporated firewall.

  • Utilize the top encryption options and security protocols: If you’re using a new router, you will likely be able to utilize WPA3, the most up-to-date wireless security protocol. If that’s not an option, WPA2 with AES encryption will do the job. You should find home security components that protect with 128-bit or higher.

  • Be certain software and firmware is current: Keep your operating systems at the latest levels for all devices, and that includes your connected surveillance units. In some cases, these updates will fix various susceptibilities and tighten up your network security.

Be Cautious of Cheap Smart Home Equipment In Madison

One of the benefits of turning to a reputable name like ADT is knowing that security components are regularly being inspected to address any susceptibilities. Other knock-off brands may not be so conscientious. Purchasing your smart thermostat, video doorbell, surveillance system, and additional items from a single supplier like ADT is a wise choice. And having all of your components installed at the same time will help ensure flawless implementation, performance, and security. It’s also good to know that ADT Command, the hub of your security system, employs two-way encryption when communicating with your smart components.

Request Your Own Madison Wireless Home Security Package

Now that you have a better idea on how to keep your home network shielded from hackers, you’re ready to start on your own home defense system in Madison. The security professionals at Secure24 Alarm Systems will help you find the perfect package for your property. Dial (608) 424-5550 or fill out the form to get started.