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close up of an outdoor sensor next to a fence.
July 04, 2022

How Can Geofencing In Madison Integrate With A Security System?

The latest smart security solutions have become increasingly more intelligent. But, unfortunately, it’s still easy to forget to complete basic security chores like arming your home security, lowering the garage door, or even securing your front door.

What if you no longer needed to concern yourself with these chores in the future? When you implement geofencing in Madison, you don’t have to.

What is Geofencing In Madison For Security Systems?

Geofencing generates a virtual border a set distance from your residence, which you can set up in your cell phone app. This modern home security option then utilizes your mobile device to deduce when you go past the boundary and then triggers the tasks you have programmed.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Geofencing functions through z-wave, a home automation protocol that smart implements utilize to share information with one another. The technology takes smart home devices further by centralizing all components onto the same network. You can draw a virtual “fence” around your property and assign what actions you want to take place if you cross the specified border.

To illustrate, as soon as you pull away from your property, you can program your security system to lock doors, shut the garage door, and switch the alarm back on. Then, when you return to your house, geofencing could be set to notify your system to disarm alarms, elevate the garage door, activate lighting, and even alter your your temperature settings.

Here are several of the technologies you will be able to manage with geofencing:

● Smart lights and outlets

● Smart thermostats

● Security alarms and cameras

● Electronic devices such as TVs or appliances

● Garage doors

Schedules, Scenes, And Geofencing Are Available In Your Smartphone App

Geofencing is one of the many ways you can utilize your home security system in Madison. When you download the mobile app, you have the ability to reap the benefits of automation. With just a few taps of your phone, and you have the opportunity to:

● Enable Scheduling: arrange your smart components to activate at predetermined times. Have your lights start to turn down to tell you that it's time to turn in for the night, or disengage your alarms as you start your day.

● Manage how devices interact: Make specific devices come alive when another element is triggered. Direct your thermostat to switch on the connected fan when the fire alarm goes off. Or illuminate your hall’s smart light when your surveillance system detects abnormal activity around your property.

● Preprogram scenes: Make custom room scenes with components that function in concert with each other. Make your smart bulbs turn off, the thermostat go down, and the locks engage at the end of the day. Or customize a scene for TV night with the right light and thermostat levels.

● Take advantage of geofencing: It's easy to forget to arm your alarm if you're running late for work. With geofencing capability and your mobile device, you'll never forget to switch on the alarm and shut the garage door.

Take Advantage Of Geofencing in Madison

Whether you seek added peace-of-mind of a safe, secure home whenever you go to work or you wish to take advantage of home automation, geofencing will make things easier. Contact a skilled member of our team today at (608) 424-5550 or send in the form on this page to start designing your optimal security system.