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Reasons to get a monitored alarm system in Madison
January 22, 2021

Top 5 Reasons To Get A Monitored Alarm System In Madison

Protecting your family with a home security system is a great first step. But, don’t overlook the perks of round-the-clock alarm monitoring from a reliable ADT security agent. When you use your monitored alarm system in Madison, you’ll get a trained professional asking about your safety status and getting a hold of emergency services any time sensor or alarm goes off.

To some, monitoring might look like a big waste of time as it comes with a contract. But here are five arguments explaining why monitoring is perfect for your Madison security system.

1.) A Monitored Alarm System in Madison Lets You Stay Cool In An Emergency

As a sensor detects an emergency, a high-decibel alarm alerts anyone in the house to get to a safe place immediately. That abrupt sound might give you a startled bolt -- especially when you’re asleep in the middle of the night. It’s sometimes hard to think about what to do or where to go. Mix in a frightened family and your tension level can rise quickly.

Of course with round-the-clock monitoring, tripped alarms also contact your ADT center of seasoned security agents. In no time, they will call you to check that everyone is alright and then help assess the situation. Their soothing manner and expertise can help you stay attentive on getting your family to a safe location.

2.) Emergency Personnel Come Faster With A Monitored Alarm System

It only takes a few seconds for your monitoring team to pick up a tripped device. After they call you to find out if you’re OK, they’ll then call emergency services on your behalf. This way is much quicker than phoning safety departments yourself after you calmed your family and reached safety. Every minute counts in home security, and your ADT monitoring center makes sure you get the right help fast!

ADT home monitoring in Madison 

3.) Monitoring Oversees Your Home Even When You’re Not There

A blaring siren helps alert you to possible intrusion or fire when you’re at home, but the loudest siren doesn’t do much when you’re on vacation. However, your monitoring service stays on alert whether you’re home or not. They’ll answer any tripped sensors and can be the immediatory with the needed emergency department. That’s nice when you’re out in town and can run back after you receive an alert on your phone, but it’s definitely needed when you’re on vacation and won’t easily get to the house to attend to the emergency first-hand.

4.) Monitoring Covers More Than Your Burglar Alarms

Monitoring is a necessary item for a home security system in Madison, but 24/7 monitoring is just as important for floods or fire. These problems can happen whenever and can easily start when you’re away. Imagine the property damage averted when your monitoring center notifies you to an underwater garage from a busted water pipe when you are on vacation.

You can even receive monitoring assistance for medical emergencies, like heart pains or a bad fall.

5.) A Monitored Alarms System In Madison May Decrease Your Home Insurance Premiums

Many home insurance companies view a monitored alarm system as a reduction in risk. That could lead to rebates and lower monthly bills. Check with your insurance provider to make sure, but many times an alarm system with monitoring is better than a DIY camera or a boxed smoke alarm.

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